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As Josephine says, “Sex work is difficult to articulate; it’s the kind of job that you only totally understand if you’ve done it.” And since most who have done that type of work are loath to openly admit it, sex workers can have a hard time finding other women to identify with. Having one’s internal experience accurately described is incredibly valuable for most marginalized individuals precisely because the reality of their lives is largely ignored or devalued. When readers express their gratitude for the all-too-uncommon sense of being made visible, the blogger feels validated both in her writing and in her lived experience. It’s hard to overstate the power in that.

On Blogging Sex Workers (via spreadmagazine)

Oh, found a quote of myself from like 100 years ago.

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Mar 07 2014

Cloud Nothings - Wasted Days

Mar 05 2014

Stop Me (cover) - Mark Ronson/Daniel Merriweather

Mar 03 2014

The Ones Buying It

Read marginalutilite's review of Notice, which “…presents this thorny question: ‘What would the anti-trafficking movement and the whorephobes think if we confirmed some of their assumptions, even if in so doing we added much more nuance to such an analysis than they ever do?’”


by Caty Simon

"I didn’t have an ego until I became a whore. I felt disgusting before. I was delighted when someone finally offered me money after years of being raped by my husband."

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Feb 28 2014

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